Meet The Board

We are a group of dedicated individuals committed to volunteering our time to help the businesses located in the Security Woodlawn corridor to achieve excellence, recognition, and the much needed assistance to maintain their day to day business operations to help attract patrons and other businesses to this community which is vital for sustainability.

We welcome all business owners in and outside of this community, individuals who live and work in and outside of this community, and those aspiring to relocate to the Security Woodlawn area who have a vested interest and a strong desire to support our mission.

Shantel Mason


Shantel directs the affairs of the association with the assistance of the board to highlight the benefits of using SWBA services.

Seat Available

Vice President

The Vice President for this association ensures that we stay in business and support the board members.

Anthony Carpenter

Treasure and Sales

Anthony is entrusted with the receipts, care and disbursement of funds.

Michelle Smith

Meeting Coordinator

Michelle coordinates and develop meetings and networking opportunites. 


Alex McCamey


Alex objective is to arouse interest in potential members for our organization and events.

Lisa Thompas

Member Liaison

Lisa is the liaison between the membership and the board to build trust and effective partnerships to facilitate engagement and outreach.

Rick Ramsay

Community Liaison

Rick is the liaison between the community and the board to build effective partnerships.

Marisol Johnson


Marisol ensures purchases for the association provide the best possible value and outcome